Tempy Porten Color – Game Jam Build

Tempy Porten Color (テンピーポーテンカラー) is a clever little physics based puzzle game where you alter the color of each level to make structures and people of the same color disappear and reappear.

In Tempy Porten Color you goal is to get your people from the start of each level to the finish. They walk automatically much like in Lemmings, but you can remove and … Read More

WATCHERS – Open Beta

WATCHERS is a unique new top-down battle royale shooter where death isn’t the end of your game – killed players become “Watchers” who can bet on their favourite players and carry out experiments to alter the rules of the game world.

In WATCHERS death may mean that you can’t win the match, but you can still have a lot of fun at the surviving players’ … Read More

Hunter’s Path – Alpha Demo

Hunter’s Path is a creepy retro side scrolling action adventure where you control a band of zealots as they fight evil monsters in 17th century New England.

In Hunter’s Path you control a band of four zealots as they fight their way through the haunted woodland of New England during the 17th century. You start with two musketeers and two knights, all of which you … Read More

Dead Man’s Day – Student Game

Dead Man’s Day is a fun little time-looping first person Wild West puzzler where you attempt to change the events of the day to stop yourself from dying in a shootout in a Wild West saloon.

In Dead Man’s Day you are a saloon owner who ends up being shot during a game of cards after drawing the Dead Man’s Hand in a game of … Read More