A Hand With Many Fingers – Alpha Demo

A Hand With Many Fingers is a cleverly crafted first person investigation game where you unravel a Cold War conspiracy using an old fashioned 80s evidence records system to help build a corkboard and twine crazy wall.

In A Hand With Many Fingers you are tasked with investigating the supposed suicide of a Banker in 1980’s Sydney. As the game is set in the early … Read More

UNLIT – Student Game Download

UNLIT is a challenging and atmospheric open world Sci-Fi parkour platforming adventure where every move you make brings you closer to turning into stone.

Created by a group of students at CNAM-ENJMIN, UNLIT is a Sci-Fi parkour platformer set in a world whose sun has long burned out and is now enshrouded in darkness. Light is the vital energy that keeps the people of this … Read More

Hunter’s Arena: Legends – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Hunter’s Arena: Legends blends battle royale and MMORPG elements as players battle monsters, powerful bosses and each other as they level up their character, collect powerful weapons and fight to be the last one standing.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha Sign Up, Hunter’s Arena: Legends is now gearing up for a closed Beta that starts on Feb 20th. The … Read More

Saprophyte – Prototype Download

Saprophyte is a tense little retro styled Sci-Fi horror adventure that draws inspiration from The Thing and Alien as you attempt to escape from a spaceship while being stalked by a shapeshifting alien organism.

In Saprophyte you take on the role of a low ranked crewmember of a spaceship that’s been boarded by a hostile alien organism. The rest of your crew is already dead … Read More

A Place, Forbidden – Alpha Demo

A Place, Forbidden is a creepy and atmospheric first person horror adventure where you search for a mythical occult tome hidden within the depths of a forbidden library hidden within the edges of existence.

After years of searching you have finally found the fabled “Library of Ouroborus” – a legendary library rumored to exist in many places at once and none of them at all. … Read More