Heaven Dust – Beta Demo

Heaven Dust is a Resident Evil inspired isometric survival horror adventure where you attempt to escape from a mysterious mansion filled with puzzles, zombies and deadly traps.

The gameplay and setting of Heaven Dust is very much inspired by the 90s Resident Evil games, but with a chibi/anime visual style and more of a focus on puzzles. In the game you wake up in a … Read More

Arietta of Spirits – Beta Download

Arietta of Spirits is a beautifully animated narrative driven action RPG adventure where a young girl unravels the mysteries of the spirit realm.

In Arietta of Spirits you follow the adventure of Arietta, a 13 year old girl who has gone for a family vacation to her grandmother’s log cabin on a remote island. Her grandmother passed away about a year ago and the cabin … Read More

PlanetSide Arena – Open Beta

PlanetSide Arena is a class based multiplayer shooter that delivers a unique large scale take on the battle royale genre, with 300 player matches, 12 player squads and a mode that pits two huge teams against each other.

A spinoff of the massively multiplayer FPS PlanetSide games, PlanetSide Arena offers an interesting twist on the battle royale genre. At the moment there are two game … Read More

Ecosystem – Alpha Demo

Ecosystem is an innovative underwater ecosystem simulation game where you build habitats to nurture different types of fish and watch as they randomly evolve into all manner of bizarre looking oddities.

In Ecosystem you have a vast underwater sandbox in which you can build a diverse ecosystem where all different kinds of weird and wonderful looking fish can evolve. You start by placing rocks to … Read More

Tree of Dreams – Student Game

Tree of Dreams is a charming, chilled out and addictive little zen farming game where you plant and harvest different emotions and use them to create the perfect dreams for those in need of a good night’s sleep.

In Tree of Dreams you are a Dream Spirit who lives in a cloudy dreamworld and creates the perfect dreams for those that need them. You grow … Read More