The Pest-Doctor of Wippra – Game Jam Build

The Pest-Doctor of Wippra is a dark little point and click adventure that follows the story of a young doctor whose research into the plague has angered the church in medieval Germany.

Created for the $105 Adventure Game Challenge jam, The Pest-Doctor of Wippra is a point and click adventure that tells the tale of a bright young doctor who has some ideas that have … Read More

The Amazing Poopy Parker – Game Jam Build Download

The Amazing Poopy Parker is a hilarious physics-based Spider-Man parody where you use strings of poop to propel yourself through urban environments and beat bad guys.

Created for Ludum Dare 49, The Amazing Poopy Parker is a very silly and gloriously crude physics-based platformer where you use poop rather than spider-webs to fight crime. The ridiculous premise is that you were bitten by a radioactive … Read More

Zillion: Assault on Maris – Prototype

Zillion: Assault on Maris is a fan made mash-up of the Zillion Anime show and the classic Master System light-gun game, Assault City.

Developer moonkey states that they always suspected that Assault City was created from assets of a cancelled Zillion game. So why not see what it would actually look like if it actually was a Zillion game? So far Zillion: Assault on Read More