The Far Frontier – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

The Far Frontier Steam Key Giveaway

The Far Frontier offers a clever blend of match 3 puzzling and real time strategy as you engage in one-on-one battles where you send forth troops by clicking on clusters of matching tiles.

In The Far Frontier you take control of a small army that’s washed ashore on a strange new land. You must explore the ands and expand your colony as you attempt to … Read More

House of Horror – Prototype Download

house of horror game download

House of Horror is a promising first person horror adventure that blends cerebral puzzles with surreal sights and jump scares as you attempt to escape from a horror-filled house.

In House of Horror you play an unknown protagonist who’s trapped inside a dark and grimy haunted house and must escape before you die. There’s a few challenging puzzles to solve and some grotesque sights to … Read More

Like Roots in the Soil – Game Jam Build Download

Like Roots In The Soil Game Download

Like Roots in the Soil is a short and beautiful experience in which you follow two different people as they walk along a path towards a common destiny.

Taking around 5 minutes to complete, Like Like Roots in the Soil is a fairly non-interactive experience, with you limited to controlling the camera as it moves around the two characters and their different environments. One character … Read More