Dead Ink – Alpha Demo

Dead Ink is a vertigo inducing top-down Souls-like where you print out your body and harvest ink from enemies as you attempt to climb down from the top of a gigantic tower.

In Dead Ink the quantum state of your brain has been encoded and beamed through the cosmos in a new form of light speed travel. Your mind has now been downloaded to a … Read More

Unusual Findings – Beta Demo

Unusual Findings is a Stranger Things inspired point and click adventure that follows three teenage boys in the 80’s as they unravel a mystery involving a murderous alien.

In Unusual Findings you follow the adventure of Vinny, Nick and Tony – three teenage boys who end up picking up an alien distress signal while trying to decrypt a pay-per-view adult TV channel. The game takes … Read More

Diplomacy is Not an Option – Beta Demo

Diplomacy is Not an Option is a medieval RTS game with a touch of tower defense, which sees you attempting to build and expand your settlement while protecting it from huge waves of invaders.

In Diplomacy is Not an Option you take on the mantle of a Feudal Lord who must build up an empire in a hostile medieval fantasy world full of monsters, raiders … Read More

360 Chicken – Alpha Download

360 Chicken is a very silly and gloriously brutal physics based skateboarding game where you catch some air and do cool tricks while trying to avoid the many deadly hazards in each level.

In 360 Chicken you take control of a little skateboarding chicken that skates around in some very hazardous skateparks. The current build features one large skatepark level where you can freely skate … Read More