The Riftbreaker – Alpha Demo

The Riftbreaker features a fast paced fusion of twin-stick combat, base-building and tower defense as you jump in a heavily armed mech-suit and try to colonize an alien planet with thousands of swarming enemies.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha Sign Up, The Riftbreaker is a base-building survival action RPG where you travel to a distant alien planet and try … Read More

TRAIN 113 – Alpha Download

TRAIN 113 is a very tense first person horror adventure that takes which sees you making your way through a subway train that’s haunted by a malevolent spirit.

In TRAIN 113 you awaken alone in a train that’s hurtling through the subway. You’re not totally alone though – the train is also haunted by a very freaky spirit, and apparently she “likes the dark”. It … Read More

Gripper – Alpha Demo

Gripper is a vehicle-based comic book styled action RPG adventure where you use a car with a giant grappling claw attached to it to interact with objects, fight enemies and battle giant bosses.

In Gripper you follow the story of a young man who lives on a farm in the world of Burning Man – a place where androids literally do burn men. It’s a … Read More

Circle of Football – Beta Download

Circle of Football has now hit Steam Early Access, and for a limited time only you can grab it for free!

As mentioned during the closed Beta, Circle of Football is a fast-paced physics-based arcade football game from the creators of Circle of Sumo. It features 1v1 and 2v2 matches in a variety of different little arenas – from a furniture-filled living room … Read More