Descent of Man – Alpha Download

Descent of Man is a stealth survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic city that’s been devastated by disease.

In Descent of Man you follow the story of Jarrett Reed, a scavenger in a post-apocalyptic world, who enters a city that’s rumored to be a safe haven for humanity. However, when he gets there the locals are a little less than friendly and it seems … Read More

Soul Delivery – Alpha Demo

Soul Delivery is a beautiful narrative-driven 2D adventure which follows a little delivery robot in a post-human civilization of robots, as it sets out to deliver a package that could have ramifications for the entire colony.

In Soul Delivery you take on the role of a cute little bipedal delivery robot who is booted up with no memory and sent to deliver a mysterious package … Read More

Scene Investigators – Alpha Demo

Scene Investigators is a true crime styled deductive reasoning game where you investigate recreated crime scenes and attempt to deduce what happened there.

Have you ever watched a detective walk into a crime scene and work out exactly what happened there just with the clues lying around the area? Well now you can channel your inner Sherlock and do a little crime scene investigation of … Read More