Museum of FPS – Game Jam Build Download

Museum of FPS is a short and silly little game where you help a sentient rocket launcher escape from a first person shooter museum.

Created for the FZ Game Jam 2020, the Museum of FPS is set in a museum from a different dimension, which showcases relics of an ancient civilization. A civilization that bears a remarkable similarity to some classic 90s FPS games, such … Read More

Horde – Game Jam Build Download

Horde is a fun little zombie horde simulator which allows you to amass a huge zombie horde and run amok in an urban environment.

In Horde you start off with one zombie but each human you come into contact with is instantly converted to your brain-eating side. This means that you can amass a sizable horde very quickly when there are large crowds around. Most … Read More

Disposal – Game Jam Build Download

Disposal is a creepy little Sci-Fi horror first person shooter where you awaken in a strange facility full of gruesome monsters and go in search of answers.

Created for the SCREAM MACHINE game jam, is an odd little horror FPS with a unique visual style that blends 3D environments and hand drawn 2D enemies. In the game you awaken from a pod to find yourself … Read More