The Man Who Fell Sideways – Game Jam Build

The Man Who Fell Sideways is a deviously designed XKCD comic strip inspired dual character puzzle platformer where one character experiences gravity vertically and the other experiences gravity horizontally.

Based on the XKCD comic strip of the same name, The Man Who Fell Sideways is a very tricky gravity bending puzzle platformer that requires two characters who exist on different planes of gravity to … Read More

Stockman – Student Project Game

Stockman is a Horde Mode style arena FPS, with fast paced gameplay, stackable perks and lots of different types of enemy to deal with across ten rounds of run n’ gun action.

Stockman features Horde Mode first person run n’ gun fun that’s easy to pick up and play by hard to beat. You start the game by choosing two abilities from a choice of … Read More

Wake of Poseidon – Alpha Demo

Wake of Poseidon is fast paced run n’ gun bullet hell twin-stick action platformer that sees you battling against the armies of Poseidon who has waged a war against the entire galaxy.

Playable in single player or local co-op, Wake of Poseidon sees you entering Poseidon’s realm, defeating his champions and putting a stop to his tyranny. The current Alpha demo build takes around 15 … Read More

The Pokisfiori Museum Installation – Game Jam Build

The Pokisfiori Museum Installation is a stylish little audio/visual virtual art gallery that gives song tracks their own individual installations located within a negative-space chasm that holds them all together.

In The Pokisfiori Museum Installation you can freely roam between a selection of abstract art installations that combine stylish visuals and atmospheric audio. It’s built as a companion piece to Pokisfiori, a chilled out … Read More

Atlas’ Fate: Between Light & Darkness – Student Project Game

Atlas’ Fate: Between Light & Darkness is a cyberpunk stealth action game where you use your ability to meld with the shadows to infiltrate a secure power plant run by a powerful megacorporation.

Oddly enough, in Atlas’ Fate: Between Light & Darkness you are a stealth expert who has been hired by a megacorporation to break into their own power plant and set it to … Read More