True Nightmares – Alpha Demo

True Nightmares is a freaky retro styled first person horror game that explores themes of sleep paralysis as you unravel the mystery of who you are while exploring your nightmares.

The current build of True Nightmares is only around five minutes long but it’s a very intense experience. It sees you flitting between different nightmarish scenes, often inhabited by stationary people-shaped beings with sheets over … Read More

Rocket of Souls – Game Jam Build

Rocket of Souls is a stylish and atmospheric space shooter where you sacrifice humans to save humanity in a ship that’s powered by souls.

In Rocket of Souls a giant asteroid is about to wipe out all human life on planet earth and in a last ditch effort to save mankind, an ark ship has been launched containing a few hundred people and cargo containers … Read More

Altruist Project – Game Jam Build

Altruist Project is a very atmospheric top-down maze puzzler where you sacrifice people and objects as you attempt to make your way to the exit of a deadly trap-filled maze, much like in the Cube movies.

In the Altruist Project you take control of a randomly selected character who wakes up in a randomly generated maze that’s filled with deadly Cube-style insta-kill traps. Your … Read More